Her Journey



was, in a word,


I really enjoyed making this assignment. I will admit, it took me way longer than I expected for me to actually complete the assignment but once I had finished I was proud of what I made. I started off with 3 separate double sided pages and I was really struggling to find words on a page that flowed well. Each day I would look at one of the pages back and front and try to come up with an idea. After 3 days, I had read through all the papers and hadn’t had a clue what I was going to do.

This all changed when I stopped looking at the assignment as a sort of puzzle, trying to fit pieces together to make up a big picture, but rather a journey, where you follow one word to another. Once I mentally made that decision, I had a much easier time finding the words on the page I wanted to use. From there, I knew exactly what I wanted to draw, a pathway. For one, this pathway symbolizes “her” journey in my story, but it also symbolizes the journey I took to string the words together on the page. From there I added other designs to the page to fill up some of the empty space and finally was able to conquer this assignment!

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