Sunday Sketch #2

Who knew fruit could be this much fun?

Although I love to draw and doodle, I know I’m not the best artist. However, this doesn’t stop me from letting my creative side from putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas.

In this sketch, I decided to use a banana as a slide, and drew some stick figures around it to show how the slide worked. This idea came to me very unexpectedly, as I was trying to figure out what I was going to use as an object to draw around. I had been looking through the examples posted on the website for some inspiration, when all of a sudden I saw my banana across the room that I had saved from lunch. I remember thinking to myself that I really liked the idea of using something that has organic curves in it, as you can use those curves for so many different things.

Originally, I wanted to use the banana as a gun, and have a hand holding it. That idea faded when I remembered Banksy had already done that, and his version would definitely be better than mine. I then thought of using the banana as the smile for a face, but thought doing that was kind of the easy way out of this project. Eventually, I came back to the organic curves of the banana and the idea of the slide popped into my head!

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