Literacy Narrative Pt. 3 reflection

I believe that this entire literacy narrative project has helped me meet the following learning outcomes: “Rhetorical Composition”, “Critical Thinking”, “Writing as a process”, and “Visual thinking”. First, this project forced me to use rhetorical composition as I had to illustrate the same idea if different mediums such as an alphabetical text and a comic. I learned how to tell a story through words and pictures which forced me to really know what story I was trying to tell so it would be consistent. In terms of critical thinking, I was able to use techniques that I had seen in graphic novels and learned about in class when creating each part of my literacy narrative. Through writing as a process, I learned that my work required multiple drafts and a lot of prior brainstorming before writing my text. This was very valuable because for my first literacy narrative I didn’t really brainstorm much before writing, this caused the the essay I wrote to be slightly disorganized. For the second part of the literacy narrative, I created a draft and got feedback which really helped my vision of the comic I was making. I was able to use visual thinking when brainstorming what I wanted to draw or write. This visual thinking really helped me with organization of ideas as well as I could map out what I wanted to create before starting to create it.

When I returned to my alphabetic literacy narrative after creating my comic, I realized that the two narratives didn’t line up. In the alphabetic version, I was talking about how I learned to love reading again, which is true, but I ended the essay with a negative tone towards technology which wasn’t accurate. In my comic, I show the difference between my past, which has no technology, to my present life, that includes a lot of technology. The comic version of the literacy narrative was a lot more accurate towards my relationship with books and technology. To fix this inconsistency, I went back to my alphabetic narrative and changed the ending if my essay to show that I now use more technology, but that isn’t exactly a bad thing. 

Overall, I don’t see the story I was trying to tell any different. I always wanted to portray the fact that I grew into a world of technology and took advantage of that. In my alphabetic narrative, however, I made it seem like I was against the use of technology. I found that the second part of the narrative was a lot more accurate at showing my ideas. I used the part two as a guideline of how I could edit my alphabetic narrative to fit what I actually meant to say in the first place. After this process was over, I felt a lot more confident that I was able to tell the story that I had originally thought of in my head.

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