Time For Water

(Sunday Sketch #4)

Creating this photo was a lot more straight forward than I had previously thought it would be. I expected it to be very hard to edit 2 different photos together, but the hardest part of the project was actually finding two things to combine in one photo. Originally, I wanted to take a picture of a building and have something lean up against it, such as a ladder or person. As I was walking around, however, I came across a clock tower and thought that it had a lot more potential to be used in my photo. I sat down for a while and brainstormed what I could use the clock tower for, when I realized it kind of looked like a faucet coming out of the ground. So, I edited the clock tower into a faucet.

I think that this image conveys creativity and demonstrates that everyday things that you see can be used to create something totally different.

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