Literacy Narrative Pt. 3 reflection

I believe that this entire literacy narrative project has helped me meet the following learning outcomes: “Rhetorical Composition”, “Critical Thinking”, “Writing as a process”, and “Visual thinking”. First, this project forced me to use rhetorical composition as I had to illustrate the same idea if different mediums such as an alphabetical text and a comic.Continue reading “Literacy Narrative Pt. 3 reflection”

Literacy Narrative pt. 2 reflection

Creating this part of my literacy narrative was a huge change from having to just write my thoughts out on paper. In this part of the literacy narrative project, I was able to express my thoughts in a visual manor by drawing out comic panels. I found this much easier to do rather than writeContinue reading “Literacy Narrative pt. 2 reflection”

Allstate, what’s in your wallet? Erm, I mean bag…

Sunday Sketch #6 Laptop: I carry this one around incase I get bored and want to watch youtube in my classes… In all seriousness, however, my laptop is probably my most important tool I keep in my bag. I use it everyday to do schoolwork, homework, etc. Without this, I would really struggle to getContinue reading “Allstate, what’s in your wallet? Erm, I mean bag…”

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